Booking Conditions

Welcome at Bed&Breakfast The Oude Pastorie Lisse B.V.

If you make a reservation at the Oude Pastorie through one of our digital channels, such as our website, mobile website or booking channel (OTA), these Booking Conditions, together with our privacy policy, conditions of use for our website and all other written information that we bring to your attention are applied, before confirming your reservation.

Read these Booking Conditions carefully. They explain a number of important issues and describe our respective rights, obligations and important rules or procedures for our guests.


The Oude Pastorie Lisse
Grachtweg 2
2161HN Lisse
Tel: 0252-204004

In these Booking Conditions, ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to the first-mentioned person (the customer) on the reservation as well as the persons (guests) on whose behalf the reservation has been booked. The website is owned and operated by Oude Pastorie Lisse B.V. (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) and if you make a reservation we will receive your reservation request for agreement.

By placing a reservation, the first-mentioned person (customer) agrees on behalf of all persons (guests) mentioned in the reservation that:

  • he/she has read these booking conditions and the authority to and agree to be bound by them
  • he/she authorizes our use of information in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • he/she is over 18 years of age and when placing a reservation with age restrictions declares that he/she and all members of the group are of the appropriate age to make such a reservation
  • he/she accepts the financial responsibility to pay the reservation on behalf of all persons mentioned in the reservation

1. Reservation

Follow the instructions on our website ( to book a room. To confirm your reservation, you must pay in advance via Ideal or credit card. An external party controls the booking system, through which you will be redirected toward the booking page via our website. If you book through, you will have to pay the entire reservation amount immediately/in advanced. You will only have to pay the tourist tax on arrival at the location.

Please check if the details provided by you, check-in & checkout date for your reservation are correct, before you submit your reservation request. We are not responsible for any delay or non-compliance related to your reservation if you provided incorrect information.

You can then place your reservation, after which a binding agreement will be concluded between you and us, as soon as we have sent you a confirmation with a valid confirmation number to confirm your reservation. If after receiving confirmation, you are convinced that a specific detail is incorrect or if you still want to change a specific detail, you must contact us immediately as it is not possible to make these changes later on, due to other possible bookings and prices.

We reserve the right, at our option, to refuse a reservation and to refuse to provide confirmation.

2. Reservation payment

At The Oude Pastorie in Lisse it is possible to pay in cash or with pin/. It is not possible to pay with credit card on location.

Depending on the type of booking, a full advanced payment of your reservation is required when placing a reservation. This is the case with, for example, our website or via With Expedia or there is no direct prepayment. The full amount of the reservation may be debited from your credit card at any time between the booking and the check-in date. Or the amount can also be paid on location at arrival.

If you have not fully paid your reservation during your booking, you must pay the full amount upon arrival at the property.

* The tourist tax must also be paid on location (see article 3)

If we do not receive your payment(s) due in full or on time, we have the right to assume that you wish to cancel your reservation. In this case, we have the right to keep all amounts that have been paid or must be paid on that date, and you must pay the cancellation fees that we have given you when booking.

Payments for all possible add-ons, such as “breakfast” or “late checkout” are added online directly to the stated amount. If the addons are requested in a different way besides the reservation, you must pay this directly to the B&B before you check out.

3. Prices

The price of your reservation and the conditions for which payment, changes and cancellations have been made, may depend on your room, booking type, breakfast, additional facilities to be booked and other factors and you will be informed of these conditions upon booking process. Please note that all rates depend on availability!

Our prices depend on high & low season rates and last-minute deals. The price of your reservation will be confirmed at the time of booking and will not be adjusted in the event of exchange rate fluctuation between the date you booked your stay and your arrival date. You must always check the price at the time of booking!

The price announced on the website is without breakfast, but it includes free WI-FI, the use of a Nespresso machine with different coffee cups in the room, the use of teakettle with ‘Tea Quiero’ tea in the room and there is a possibility to wash your clothes.

Unless stated otherwise on our website, the price for a room does not include extra services and the use of the various facilities. The stated price is also excluding tourist tax. The tourist tax (mentioned on the page with rates) must be paid directly on location. The rate for the tourist tax varies per municipality. For the town of Lisse the tourist tax is € 2,48 per person per night.

We reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices. We will inform our guests as soon as we become aware of a specific error.

The price of our confirmed reservation is at all times subject to the correction of errors and changes resulting from government action such as changes in tax or other changes imposed by the government and changes in the exchange rates of currencies. We reserve the right to pass on increases in the price of your reservation to you as a result.

Certain offers that are available on the internet are bookable exclusively on the internet, in other words, only online and never at the reception on location.

4. Accuracy

We strive to guarantee that all information and prices on both our website and our other booking channels are accurate. However, changes and errors can sometimes occur and we reserve the right to correct prices and other data in this case. You must check the current price and all other details regarding your chosen reservation before booking a room. Prices per booking channel may differ from the prices on our website, due to possible discount promotions that are active on one or more online travel agnecies (OTA).

5. Changes Made by Customer

If you wish to make changes to your confirmed reservation, you must immediately contact The Oude Pastorie or the relevant booking channel / OTA (Online Travel Agency) by telephone. The procedure is described in your booking confirmation. Although we will do our best to help you, we should warn you that we cannot always fulfill your needs. If changes need to be made, you are liable for the payment of any additional costs that are associated to the change(s) of your reservation. In addition, always check the specific conditions described to you at the time of booking.

If you have booked via a booking channel / OTA (Online Travel Agency) and you want to make changes to the reservation, you must contact the relevant booking channel immediately. They can make the changes in their system, whereby they can determine the possible amount of canceled overnight stay(s) can refund to you and adjust the reservation automatically in our system.

6. Cancelation by Customer

If you want to cancel your confirmed reservation, you must follow the procedure stated in your booking confirmation.

Please note that certain reservations cannot or will only be refunded partially in the event of cancellation once the reservation has been confirmed. This is the case with non-refundable reservations, which sometimes offer booking channels as a lower price than normal, but unfortunately cannot be canceled free of charge. If the reason for your cancellation is covered by the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these costs through them or the Online Travel Agency (OTA).

For more information about cancelations, we advise you to read our Cancelation Conditions document on our website:

 7. Shortening stay

If you decide to check out earlier than planned, we cannot refund the costs of the unused remaining time of your reservation, or be liable for any additional costs that you incur for this. Depending on the circumstances, your travel insurance may offer coverage for shortening, so we recommend that you submit any claims directly to them.

Should you have to cancel or shorten your stay of several nights early because of a valid reason or emergency, then you are advised to contact the relevant booking channel (OTA) or if it has been booked through our website, you can contact The Oude Pastorie itself. In case of canceling your stay of several nights, only the first night or the night(s) spent at the Bed&Breakfast will be charged. If this is the case, decisions from The Oude Pastorie may deviate from the cancelation conditions, but unfortunately this offers no guarantee that the total amount can be refunded.

For more information about shortening your stay, we advise you to read our Cancelation Conditions document on our website:

8. Cancelation by The Oude Pastorie

We may cancel your reservation at any time with immediate effect by notifying you in written form (including e-mail), if you fail to pay all costs related to your reservation in full and on time. Cancelation may also be the result of disobeying or breaking the rules of the Booking Conditions. This is in addition to other legal rights that we have as a result of your non-compliance with our agreement.

In exceptional circumstances, we may be obligated to cancel your reservation due to “force majeure”, which means “forces beyond our control”. If this happens, we will inform you as soon as possible and:

  • If you have paid already, we will refund your costs
  • If  you have not yet paid for your reservation, you do not have to do this anymore

We regret the possibility that we cannot contribute to any expenses or losses that you incur due to such a change or cancellation.

For the purpose of this clause, ‘force majeure’ is defined as any event that we could not foresee, even with the most care. As result, we cannot provide a room or guarantee a safe stay to you and fellow guests. These events may include: war, threat of war, civil unrest, terrorist activities, the consequences of the threat of such activities, riot, act of a government or other national or local authority including port authorities, labor dispute, closure, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, chemical or biological disasters and adverse weather, sea, ice and river conditions and such events beyond our control.

For more information about cancelations, we advise you to read our Cancelation Conditions document on our website:

9. Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out a personal travel insurance or a (continuous) cancellation insurance for each member of your group. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance coverage that you purchase matches your personal needs in case of a cancellation. The Oude Pastorie does not check any insurance policies.

10. Special requests

If you have a special request for your stay, you must inform us about this when you make your reservation. Contact us by phone or send an e-mail to: to discuss the possibilities and we will try to fulfill your request(s). Additional charges may apply for such requests. If we agree with your special request(s), we will send the customer a confirmation e-mail or document. Failure to comply with a special request is not a violation of the agreement by us, unless the request has been confirmed specifically. We do not accept bookings that are subjected to comply with a special request.

11. Handicaps or medical problems

If you or someone in your group has a special medical problem or disability that may affect your stay, please inform us before you make a reservation. That way we can give advice about the possibility and suitability of our rooms. In any case, you must state all information in writing when you make a reservation. If The Oude Pastorie is reasonably unable to meet the specific needs of the person concerned, we have the right to reject the reservation, or if not all details are mentioned when booking, we have the right to cancel this booking if we become aware of this data. Please read the following article carefully.

12. Accessibility

The rooms are located on the 2nd floor of The Oude Pastorie building in Lisse. There are two stairs present in the building. Guests must go up these two stairs, of which the last one being quite narrow and steep. This can be a problem for people in wheelchairs or people with limited mobility, because this makes the rooms difficult or inaccessible to them.

13. Complaints

If you wish to file a complaint during your stay, you must immediately inform the manager or host of The Oude Pastorie, who will try to resolve the problem as quick as possible. If the complaint cannot be resolved and you wish to continue with your complaint, you must submit a formal written statement of your complaint within 7 days after the end of your stay via:, stating your reservation number and all other relevant details. This allows us to identify your problems quickly and resolve them as quickly as possible. Failure to follow the above procedure may affect our ability and the ability of the parties (like OTA) involved investigating your complaint, and affecting your rights under this agreement.

If you still believe that your complaint has not been resolved and you live in a European country, you can also turn to the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform at:

14. House Rules

These house rules apply to all guests at B&B The Oude Pastorie:

  • The kitchen and lounge area are used jointly by all B&B guests
  • During the day guests may cook and prepare their own meals in the kitchen
  • During the day guests may play pool, radio/music and watch TV in the lounge
  • With shared use you must take into account your fellow guests. Please treat each  other with respect at all times
  • Coordinate with your fellow guests when you both want to use the kitchen or  lounge at the same time
  • The property is only accessible to B&B guests
  • Inviting friends/acquaintances in this building is NOT allowed
  • Alcohol and drug use in this building is NOT allowed
  • You may operate the radio/music player yourself, but keep the volume low
  • You may operate the television in the lounge yourself, but keep the volume low
  • Please report vandalism/damage to property, furniture or objects to the owner
  • Kitchen and lounge area do not serve as storage for luggage or other belongings
  • We will NOT tolerate theft! If this does happen, report this as soon as possible

Mandatory Rules:

  • Leave the kitchen and lounge area clean after use
  • Use the dishwasher for your dirty dishes and cutlery
  • Guests must leave the kitchen and lounge area at 11 P.M.
  • Starting from 11 P.M. the kitchen and lounge area must be quiet
  • Starting from 11 P.M. the entire building must also be quiet

PLEASE NOTE: There is camera surveillance in the building
If you or your partner violates one of the rules mentioned above, then you will receive a warning, you can risk a fine or you can even be evicted from the property immediately. Misconduct can also haveconsequences at your affiliated Online Travel Agency (OTA).

15. Behaviour

By making a reservation, you accept responsibility for damage, loss, intimidation or other misconduct caused by you or a member of your party. Full payment for such damage or loss can be charged directly by The Oude Pastorie at that time. If you fail to do so, you are responsible for resolving any complaints that are subsequently filed against us in the future (as well as for your own full litigation costs and those of the other party), as a result of your actions.

If you or your party choose to violate one of the house rules (Article 14), The Oude Pastorie will be obligated to inform your (possibly) affiliated Online Travel Agency (OTA), where you have booked your overnight stay, about the incident9s). This can have consequences for your future bookings via this affiliated OTA. The Oude Pastorie is not responsible for the sanctions that this OTA imposes on you.

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol or drugs in The Oude Pastorie building. If this does happen, you may risk a fine or The Oude pastorie may even terminate your stay in the B&B.

Smoking in the B&B rooms or building is strictly forbidden. If we discover that you or someone else in your party has smoked in the Bed&Breakfast room, an immediately payable fine of € 50,- per violation is owed.

The Oude Pastorie has the right to terminate your stay or that of any other member of your party due to misconduct, if they find this reasonably appropriate. No refund will be given. In addition, The Oude Pastorie also is not obliged to pay compensation, nor will we reimburse costs/expenses that you may incur, as a result of terminating your stay.

16. Facilities

The Oude Pastorie has various facilities available to use for the guests. This includes the use of the ‘shared’ kitchen, ‘shared’ lounge area and the wellness facilities like a hottub, a sauna and two tanning beds. As a guest, you are requested to obey the rules and read the instructions carefully before using the facilities mentioned above. The Oude Pastorie may charge extra costs for the use of some of these facilities.

You can use the stove and the dishwasher in the shared kitchen under one condition. As an important rule: we request our visitors kindly to leave the stove, dishwasher and area clean immediately after use or after having eaten their meal in the kitchen. This also applies to them if they only use the room for breakfast or consuming other foods in that area. If guest(s) don’t obey this rules, then the guest(s) in question may risk getting a fine. We have camera surveillance, which means that we know who did not comply with the rules or instructions.

The shared lounge area consists of a pool table, couch and television. Here too, the area must be kept clean after use. Otherwise, risking a fine will also apply to the guest(s) in question. It is forbidden to eat or drink at the pool table.

More information about our wellness facilities will be announced soon in 2020.

17. Our liability

We are not liable and will not pay compensation for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expenses, costs or other complaints as a result of:

  • The act(s) and / or negligence of the guest(s) involved;
  • The act (s) and / or negligence of a third party that is not connected to the provisions of the accommodation for which an agreement has been fulfilled that was unpredictable or inevitable;
  • Unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all necessary care had been taken; or
  • An event that we could not have foreseen or prevented with the greatest care.

If The Oude Pastorie is liable, we are insured for this. In that case, we limit the compensation amount that we must repay to you if we are to be liable for any reason.

We accept our liability under this provision, only on condition that you submit each complaint to us according to the correct procedure as described in these booking conditions (Article 13).

If a payment is made, the person(s) receiving it (or their parent/ guardian, if younger than 18) must also assign our insurer or us all rights they have to a third party and must provide our insurer and us with all reasonably required assistance.

Please note that we do not accept liability for damage, loss or expenses or other amounts of any kind:

  1. Which, according to the information you provided us with regarding your booking, we could not have foreseen that you would incur or that it would occur if we would break our agreement with you; or
  2. In relation to any matter

We accept no responsibility for services or facilities that are not part of our agreement with you. Excursions or other tours that you decide to book or for which you pay during your stay in our B&B are not part of your contractual agreements with us.

Photos on the website are not contractual. Although every effort is made to ensure that photos, graphics and text illustrating the B&B provide the most accurate impression of the accommodation, slight differences may occur, in particular the result of changing furniture or possible renovations to the building.

Hyperlinks to sources on our website (for example, activities or partners) may be linked to sites other than our website and we accept no responsibility for the content of these websites or the services offered by them.

 18. Disputes

Guests must first contact The Oude Pastorie in an attempt to resolve the dispute to a reasonable solution. This can be done either on location, by telephone or by email: We hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

19. Applicable law & competent court

Without prejudice to mandatory protective provisions applicable in the country of your hometown, both parties agree that these Booking Terms and Agreements to which they apply are governed in all respects by Dutch law, and that any dispute is dealt with solely by the courts in the Netherlands.

20. Adjustments to the Booking Conditions

We can adjust and/or add rules to these Booking Conditions at any time. If this is the case, we will put the new version of the Booking Conditions online as soon as possible. They will apply to all customers automatically and with immediate effect.

Last updated:  October 2019