At the Oude Pastorie, guests can make exclusive use of various facilities such as the shared kitchen and the shared lounge space.

Shared kitchen
In the morning, guests can put together or prepare their own breakfast in the kitchen. Here guests can also use the stove and the dishwasher free of charge during the day, under the conditions that everything needs to be tidy and kept clean after use.


Lounge area
There is a pool table in the shared lounge area, where guests can have fun and play pool. There is also a television in this room for entertainment. Here too, the area must be tidy and clean again after use.

PLEASE NOTE: The kitchen and lounge area must be kept clean after use. If this doesn’t happen, than The Oude Pastorie can charge an amount to the relevant guest(s) who left it that way (Also read the Booking Conditions carefully).

Wellness Facilities
Starting March 2020, The Oude Pastorie offers brand new wellness facilities for their guests, such as a sauna, tanning bed and (outdoor) jacuzzi. Click here for more information about the various wellness facilities and the houserules.

PLEASE NOTE: We charge extra costs for the use of the wellness facilities. In addition, it is only possible to request the use of the wellness facilities during check-in or during your stay, not while making your online reservation.