Code of Conduct for the Wellness Facilities

The following codes of conduct apply to all guests, so everyone can enjoy our wellness facilities (sauna, tanning bed & jacuzzi) with respect and pleasure:

  • In order to enjoy the sauna, we kindly ask you to keep it quiet in the cabin. That way your fellow guests can also enjoy the moment in peace and silence.
  • Disruptive behavior, including desired and/or unwanted intimacy is not allowed! Guests who don’t comply with this rule will be requested to leave the wellness facilities after full payment and without refund. If the disruptive behavior of the guest(s) occurs in excessive form, then the owner of The Oude Pastorie may choose to immediately terminate the reservation of the guest(s), without refund of the remaining nights!
  • Keep your distance from your fellow guests and be respectful to eachother when using the samen facilities. This seems logical, since the situation would be very different can become uncomfortable for your fellow guest(s). Please keep an appropriate distance from each other. It is also very rude to stare at other guests or to sit in an inappropriate position in the sauna.
  • You’re only allowed to enter the wellness facilities if you’re NOT under the  influence of alcohol and/or any type of drugs. However, if it does happen, then you will be liable for any damage or misconduct that you may cause. You can get a fine and we may terminate your stay immediately and impose a ban on you.
  • We’re NOT liable for injuries that may occur or for possible damage to your goods.  The Oude Pastorie uses camera surveillance to protect our guests and staff, except in the sauna.
  • You must clean up the area before leaving the wellness facilities. If this doesn’t happen, you may get a fine. If you discovers upon entering that the area hasen’t been cleaned by a previous guest, please report this to the B&B owners.
  • After using the wellness facilities you must wear dry clothing and/or bathrobe before entering the rest of the building. We ask that you leave no traces of water in the corridors, lounge area, kitchen area or on the stairs to the B&B rooms. This  can cause a risk of skidding and it iis simply not nice.