Rules for the Tanning Bed

For the use of our tanning bed it is important that certain rules and conditions are taken into account.

Here is the list of rules and conditions:

  • Before you start using the tanning bed, it is important to read the recommandations about the different skin types and to determine which of those skin type you have. 

* See the board with recommendations about the various skin types *

  • With skin type 1 it is recommended NOT to go under the tanning bed. If you have skin type 2, you must be very careful with tanning.
  • Protect your eyes (with glasses) and do not look into the burning lamps. The UV radiation can damage your retina. This is only noticeable after a long period of time. • It is strictly forbidden to operate or adjust the tanning bed by yourself!
  • Listen to your body! If your skin starts to sting or itch, stop and get out immediately.
  • Do you have a skin condition? First ask your doctor for advice. If you have (had)  skin cancer, please do NOT use the tanning bed!
  • Also do NOT use the tanning bed if skincancer is present in your family.
  • Take a shower after you’re done. The rumor that your tan will go off again through the water is not true. The brown color is created in your skin and not on your skin.
  • After showering, treat the skin with a moisturizing cream or lotion. This prevents dehydration and accelerated aging of the skin.
  • Do NOT use the tanning bed with make-up and/or perfume on your body! These can cause skin irritations in combination with the UV radiation. So please remove  or wash your make-up and/or perfume off before you go tanning.
  • Do NOT use the tanning bed if you use certain medication. Check the leaflet  of your medication first to see if it is allowed or not.
  • Children and teens under the age of 18 are NOT allowed to use the tanning bed, because their skin is still developing. The risk of skin cancer later in life may increase due to burn damage. Even if you have been burned often as a child, we  strongly recommend NOT to use our tanning bed.
  • Using the tanning bed is at your own risk. If something is not right with our  tanning bed, please report this immediatly to the B&B owners.