Welcome to The Oude Pastorie

Bed & Breakfast, Organic lunchroom en Chaveli's all under one roof

The Oude Pastorie is one of the most well-known monumental buildings of Lisse and the Floral Region and dates back to 1876. Not only is it a place where you can get together and enjoy delicious organic food, but we also offer accommodation for an overnight stay. Beside a Bed & Breakfast and a dining room, The Oude Pastorie also consist of a clothing boutique called Chaveli’s and Work2Work, a company that offers re-integration services.

The building is characterized by a monumental architecture as well as authentic details like large windows, stained-glass windows, high ceilings, spacious rooms and a gorgeous terrace in the garden. Especially the central location in the diverse Floral Region, the variety of facilities and the distinctive architecture are what makes The Oude Pastorie unique in this region.

Previously The Oude Pastorie belonged to the church and was inhabited by the pastor and his family. After 1952 The Oude Pastorie wasn’t part of the church anymore, but the indication remained. After this period a dental practice and later on an antique shop settled in the building. That shows that The Oude Pastorie has always been a place that has been receiving guests. We would like to continue this tradition.

Cycling or walking in Lisse & the Bulb Region

The town of Lisse is located in the middle of the flower fields, between the wide sandy beach and the waters of Kagerplassen. The flowertown is the historic centerpiece, famous for their worldwide Bulbflower industries. Every year in the spring, the Keukenhof flowerexpo is the most famous and well visited attraction in Lisse. Besides that the town centre has a lot of restaurants and shops. The flowerfields are also well known for tourist, because of the cycling- and walking tours. Therefore The Oude Pastorie offers various cycle- and walking routes, in collaboration with Route.nl.
See the list of the various routes, which start at The Oude Pastorie:

•  Cycle route 541764:  Get some fresh air in the Bollenstreek
•   Cycle route 123139:  Lisse, Leiden and Nieuw Vennep
•  Walking route 1037406:  Walk around in Lisse

Click here to check out more routes that Lisse and the Bulb Region have to walk or explore by bike.
(If you register for free on their website, it will be possible to download or print the maps)


The Bed&Breakfast will be temporarily closed from the 1 st of September 2019 till 1st of March 2020.
If you wish to stay in our Bed&Breakfast before or after that period,
you can still book a room via our website or Booking.com

Here you can experience the Oude Pastorie Lisse in 360° view: